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Satisfaction Guarantee
Same Day Delivery on orders before 6p.m


* OnlinefloristUAE do not guarantee any fixed time delivery. We make deliveries between 7am to 7pm on the stated date.

  1. We can deliver the order on the same day in case it is placed by 4 pm according to the Gulf Standard Time and the delivery date is also mentioned.
  2. We will not redeliver/ redirect the delivery to any other address under any circumstances.
  3. The products will be delivered only in the UAE cities written under “UAE Cities”.
  4. We will attempt the product shipment for once. If it is not done in the first attempt, the customer shall still be charged for the order. Redelivery will be impossible. We will consider the order executed if:
  • The delivery is not accomplished due to wrong information of the receiver like incorrect address.
  • The recipient is not available.
  • The dispatching address is locked.
  • If the delivery is not executed because of incorrect contact number, not connecting/ reachable, not replying or not working mobile/ phone/ extension number.
  • The recipient does not agree to accept the items.
  • The stuff is delivered at the gate/ reception/ neighbor.
  1. All the unpreserved items like cakes, flowers and others are supplied at the nearby delivery place and will be handover to the receiver only.
  2. The picture displayed gives a rough idea about the product. It may differ in actual in shape/ design depending on the availability.
  3. In case of non- availability of the desired product, we may alternate the flowers (including specific color) / other items with the equal or better value.
  4. We may postpone the delivery for another date in case of heavy rains/ floods/ national holiday.
  5. No change in the order shall be entertained and approved by our Customer support team before 1 working hours of the delivery date.
  6. Orders can be cancelled only if requested 1 working day before the delivery.
  7. Any complaint for perishable products such as cakes, flowers and other shall not be entertained after 48 hours from the time of delivery.
  8. In case of any disagreement in delivery, the proof of delivery will be shown.
  9. Under certain uncontrollable circumstances such as unavailability of product in the market or closed down by the manufacturer, the delivery of items may be deferred/ impossible. In all such situations, the similar product will be delivered. The customers will be sent an email for their conformance and if they do not respond within 24 hours then it will be considered as their approval for an alternate product delivery.
  10. One can make a request for cancellation of the confirmed order 1 day before the delivery date. Cancellation request can be send at
  11. Fill up all the details at the time of placing the order for delivery at hospital/ hotel such as:
  • Hotel Name
    • Full address of the hotel.
    • Room No.
    • Telephone number of the hotel.
    • Name of Tour company, if applicable.
  • Hospital
    • Full address of the hospital.
    • Ward number or name.
    • Home address of recipient with phone number.
  1. Any complaint for unpreserved products like cake, flowers etc shall not be considered after 48 hours from the time of delivery.
  2. No refund/ cancellation/ liability can be made in case the person is unavailable to accept the order at the shipping address. Also, the order shall not be considered as late in this case.
  3. We will consider the order as executed in case the person has checked-out of the hotel by the delivery date. It will also be considered as executed and shall be left at the reception if the person has not checked-in at the hotel on the delivery date. No compensation will be made in both the cases.

Our delivery team may be unable to reach the couple. Therefore, we do not guarantee the delivery of the gifts to the bride/ groom on the marriage halls/ wedding ceremonies. However, we ensure that the deliverance is made to a reliable member of the host. Through our order confirmation mail, we will make our best efforts to provide you the receiver’s name receiver.

General Disclaimers:

  1. OnlineFloristUAE the right to decline any order unconditionally.
  2. All declarations are made keeping in mind the jurisdiction of Court at UAE.
  3. We will surely make complete reimbursement in case of non-deliverance of your order. We shall not be liable for any other accusations, loss of profits, emotional stress or others caused due to non-delivery.
  4. We have tried our best to provide the correct information about our website. However, OnlinefloristUAE or its workers/ associates are not answerable to any user for the loss/ damage caused due to the unintentional information given in the website.
  5. Authentic information and making payments interest:

    a. The customer agrees that the details given to us are accurate, factual and exact. He/she also consents to pay all charges determined by OnlinefloristUAE, like credit cards or other payments stated are also added in the price.

    b. The customer agree to support reimbursement and holds OnlinefloristUAE and its members safe from all accusations and expenses including attorneys fee related to any noncompliance of this agreement and also for the use of the services or transmission of any information or message by them.


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