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Terms and Conditions

All the orders placed by the customers online, through this website follows these terms and conditions.

A customer who clicks on the option "I Accept the Terms and Conditions" and "Privacy Policy" displayed on our website agrees to these online shopping terms and conditions, Privacy Policy and others that we may notify him/her timely. This shows our complete agreement with our customers. We have not included anything in the online shopping terms and conditions that will affect the legal rights of the consumers.

A customer approves to accept email marketing, order status, registration and other messages from onlinefloristUAE and its other websites by hitting the "I Accept the Terms and Conditions" and "Privacy Policy" options.

Orders for Delivery Outside of UAE


We deliver the products displayed in our website in the UAE with the exception of specific places. We do not give any assurance about the products on our website are available outside the UAE or best for use. You consent that you are responsible for compliance the local laws of the places outside the UAE in case you access this site from outside Dubai area.


Our website can be used by the adults only. You may use this website even if you are below 18 years, but only with the approval of a parent or guardian.

Colors, Specifications, and Dimensions of Products


Our expert florist made every effort to display the precise specifications, dimensions and colors of products for sale on our website. The color of the product will depend on the quality and resolution of the customer’s monitor. We are not liable in case you find the color of the item delivered is different from the color that you have seen on your monitor. We reserve rights to timely modify the products displayed on our website without giving any information in advance.

Availability of Items and Substitution


The order can be delivered only if the products are available on the website. If an ordered product is no longer available, we will use the given information of the sender to contact him/her to either cancel the order or give an alternate product with same quality and price. We give full refund to customers on cancelling the order. In case we are not able to contact or get a response from the customers, we will process the other items on their order and refund the ones that are unavailable.


If you want to buy items from this website, then register by filling your details. It is your responsibility to maintain the privacy of the username and password of your account to prevent any unlawful access to your profile. You are liable for all the activities related to your account or/and password. If you suspect that your account username and/or password is being accessed illegally, then contact us immediately. It is very important to provide the correct registration information to us. In case there are any changes in the registration details like change in postal address, email and others, inform us immediately. The users are allowed to make changes in their profiles by the "My Account" page displayed on the website.

We are free to refuse access to our website, edit/ remove content, cancel orders and cease accounts at our discretion. We will not charge anything to the customer in case we cancel their order.

Privacy and Communications

We collect all the personal details like name, address, email address and others of the users at the time of placing an order. Customers can read our Privacy Policy to know how the personal details are used. We contact our customers through email or placing notices on our website to meet our obligations under Online Shopping Terms and Conditions. On the approval of the customers to get e-mail from us, we send electronic communication that satisfies all the lawful conditions that need to be in writing.

The contract between us:


When you choose certain products from our website and place the order, it indicates that you are purchasing those items from us. We will send an email ("Order Confirmation Email") to you showing the details of your order to verify your acceptance.


All our products are charged in USD (US dollars) and AED (UAE dirham) at the current price at the time of the placement of the order. We make our best efforts to ensure that all prices displayed on our website are correct, but there are possibilities of errors. If an incorrect price is mentioned on the product, we will contact you soon to offer an option of either cancelling the order or confirming with the correct price. We will cancel the order on the incorrect priced product in case we are unable to contact you.


We offer different payment options including cash on delivery, payment through Western Union and credit/debit cards on the secure online order form with an exception of accepting checks.

We are not liable for the disclosure of the information sent through email. It is recommended not to send any payment information via email. You can read our Privacy Statement to know about our secure payment measures. Unless we are negligent, we are not liable for any loss caused to your personal and financial details by any unlawful means.


We make every effort to deliver the orders on time. In case the deliverance is not made on time, customers are permitted to cancel the order and get full refund or have all charges that have been debited credited from their account with respect to that order.

If the order is not delivered within the special time period of the confirmation mail, please contact our Customer Service. You are given an order number in the confirmation email, refer it.

We believe the delivery as executed, once the order has been delivered to the dispatching address. After the delivery of the product, we are not liable for any loss, breakage and damage of it. However, the ownership will be given to the customer only after receiving full payment. The receiver would be asked to sign for receiving the goods upon delivery to ensure that the items were received in good condition. But, you can contact us, in case you find something missing or broken after opening the gift.


We do not cancel the same day orders, but if you request to terminate an order one day prior to the scheduled delivery date, we will cancel it. We try to process the orders as soon as possible to deliver them off on time. You will be charged for the delivery if the order is dispatched before the request for cancellation.

Customer will be given a substitute or complete reimbursement if we find that the complaint lodge by him/her is valid about the quality of the product being delivered.

You cannot cancel any contract with us related to the additional services incurred for the order that has been dispatched for delivery.

Incorrect Items

Please contact our Customer Services as soon as possible if you are given a faulty product. We will surely provide a replacement delivery for it. You can even replace the incorrect item to get the delivery of the correct one as soon as possible.


We will reimburse any rational costs that you will ask for in returning the following to us:

  • Defective items delivered.
  • The product that is broken, faulty or damaged upon delivery.
  • Substitute products that are not delivered by us.



You will be responsible to take care of the products until they are not returned to us.


We will be responsible for the losses you went through are due to our negligence of the Online Shopping Terms and Conditions in case they could have been seen earlier by us at the time of contract formation for the sale of products (at the time of sending dispatch confirmation email to you). We are not liable for the business loss (like loss of income, contracts, expected savings, wasted expenses, or others) of the third party or any other damage/ loss that are not due to our actions, agents or subcontractors.

We follow the online shopping Terms and Conditions to not to exceed limit of total cost charged for the product purchased by you. Our online shopping Terms and Conditions will not eliminate our liability towards you for injury caused by our negligence.

If any failure or postponement arises due to the uncontrollable circumstances, we will not be responsible for not accomplishing the commitment under the online shopping terms and policies of our website.

Amendments to this website and Terms and Conditions

We may make changes in the Online Shopping Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and other statement of our website at any time. We may inform you about it. You will be agreeing to accept the latest updates on our website at the time of using/ placing the order from it. The changes that are required to make by law may be valid to already placed orders. If any of the policy forming the contract between us is found to be null/ unacceptable for any reason, it will be considered separately without affecting the legitimacy and execution of the remaining terms and conditions.


We may not take any action against you in case you disobey our Online Shopping Terms and Conditions, but we can still use our rights in other circumstances where you are found guilty.

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